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Mar. 31st, 2009


The One Ring

AZN VOODOO NOTE: (ok, i'm sorry about this post. i'm in a very random mood. and all i thought when i was watching this ep was this plotline so i'm just gonna go with it. ok? no complaints? ok happy reading! Ji hoo forever. happy birthday me for yesterday)

i though it was maybe from the lack of sleep....or the lack of pancakes, but i've been hallucinating recently. just before i'm able to touch her she vanishes from my reach. but then it dawned on me. it wasn't because i've been overworking myself, or because i have been too busy to get myself pancakes. it's because of the One Ring Bilbo grandfather gave me!

because of this revelation i have finally realised my purpose in this story. i must destroy the One Ring (or at least pawn it off to someone else). for this purpose i needed to enlist the fellowship the F4. but even with the fellowship i had no idea where to go to destroy the One Ring.

now i will say right now that Ji Hoo believes in fate and destiny. i am a regular tarot card practiser and have frequently believed monks when they tell me something will happen. so when an old man with a beard a young lady on tv pointed me toward the sea, i payed attention. and low and behold Jandi appeared before me (albeit on the television screen. take that woobin-ah, it takes you your entire men to search every fishing village, i turn on the tv and BAM!) i immediately went in search of Aragorn/Strider Goo Jun Pyo. he was reluctant about making such a treacherous journey. even when i reminded him it was a noble quest and there would be a great reward of pancakes and Jandi at the end, even when i told him where we were headed he refused to join the fellowship. so i journeyed off on my own.

Upon reaching the elf fishing village pointed out to me by the wizard with the pointy hat lady on the tv i found Arwen Jandi who was being harrassed by Ringwraiths old women. immediately i rushed to help her. luckily i was able to fend them off with money.

I had been intent on giving Arwen Jandi the One Ring for a while. all i wanted to do was sit at home, play my guitar and eat pancakes. i never imagined being thrown into a story like this. after spending so much time with Jandi i realised that she really is the only one whom i could give the One Ring to. And even though i knew the outcome would still be her refusing the One Ring and staying true to Aragorn Jun Pyo. i knew, i understood. so i kept the burden of the One Ring to myself.

i realised later that it was a very good thing i had kept the One Ring. and Aragorn Jun Pyo, i'm sorry for doubting you. i knew you would come for the quest Jandi and thank you for saving me from the deranged orc crazy man. (why is it always a car accident). and thank you for living Jun Pyo, surviving was the best thing you could have done for me.

But Aragorn Jun Pyo. i don't think i can forgive you for forgetting about Arwen Jandi and going off with this Eowyn Yumi person. WHO IS THAT ANYWAY? i don't like her. she's trying to forcer her way into the fellowship group. i don't just let people join the fellowship us. there is a rigorous screening process that must be undergone.

i don't care if she's your crutch buddy Jun Pyo, you should be spending more time trying to remember Jandi than hobbling with this bubbly....thing. But no, as long as you can show someone your sword titanium crutch skills i guess they will do, huh? i mean how hard is it? you say you can't remember something and here is a girl that you can't remember. seriously Jun Pyo how hard is it?


sorry....it's not me that's angry....it's all the ring doing it. i swear. the ring's doing strange things to me. i've never been this angry before. i can't sleep, i can't eat pancakes anymore, my hands get ice cold. i thought if i gave Jandi the One Ring everything would be alright. But now one of the fellowship F4 is in hospital with amnesia and a weird beanie.

in all seriousness, i'm worried about Jandi. i knew things were going to get worse, i told Yi Jung. Jun Pyo, you frustrate me to no end.

Ji Hoo

Goo Jun Pyo, even if you don't remember Jandi or any of the Jandi related incidents that have happend over the last year, i will still be there will you so you will eventually remember. i didn't go through all that emotional stuff so you could forget it all now. but even so, even if you've forgotten Jandi, you shouldn't have forgotten the fact that you stole my glasses. NOW I'VE GOTTA WEAR MY SPARES THAT CAMOUFLAGE INTO MY HAIR. GIVE ME BACK MY GOOD ONES DAMMIT.


i want my black ones back~ 

Mar. 30th, 2009


Working is hard work.

it's sad, but i've realised that i must give up my dream of being a hairdresser. i've started work at the foundation to try and ease Grandpa's stress. i've never been like this before. i'm getting less than ten hours of sleep (something that has never happened before. and i mean NEVER) and i haven't touched a pancake in days. i don't have the time. i can't remember the last time i played something... oh right.... it was when she....

but whilst i regret not having time for my sleep and pancakes my work is helping me focus. i've realised what i have to do and what i can do. But it still doesn't help when i go places we've been together... it's all i can do not to remember.

I really don't feel like myself these days. i had a fight with Jun Pyo the other day. it relieved some of the stress from me. and i just couldn't resist antagonizing him whilst he was drunk. it was pathetic really. but he's better now. he's resolved himself. and whilst his Jandi withdrawel symptoms have manifested themselves into attachment issues with the gay pink doll styled with the likeness of his hair. well, at least it isn't the vodka bottle anymore.

Yi Jung's trying to get me out more. i think he's worried what a sudden jump into the workforce will do to me. but i'm fine. i have to be fine...
i've taken to trying to appear more confident in myself so that i might trick even me. so i drew inspiration from woobin-ah and rode escalators like i owned them.

Ji Hoo

Mar. 27th, 2009



i think i'm scared.
i can't lose my family again. grandpa's all i have left, i just....
i don't want to be left alone again.
i thought i would be alright if just Jandi were there. her just being there, i could do this. but.... just a note Jandi? i guess i couldn't help you this time. i guess you can't help me either this time.

i've decided though, i'll help grandfather. anyway, working takes my mind off...other things....

i keep thinking i'll see her somewhere, with that big smile on her face.
but she's not coming back. and i can't bring her back.
i don't know what to do anymore.

Ji Hoo
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it's a Kodak moment

me and grandpa ^^
(this one's going in the album
next to Jandi and my wedding pics)

today would have to be one of the best days so far. i really can't describe how perfect things are right now. i have my family with me. Jandi's smiling again. Jun Pyo isn't angry, Yi Jung isn't emo and woo bin is back from the gang lands to spend time with his bros.
Grandpa said something to me about giving me the foundation and everything. but i don't think i could. i've never been a leader, all i do is sleep and eat pancakes. besides, nothing's gonna change for a while. i'm content with having Grandpa and Jandi close to me.

hang on, the stew's done.
Ji Hoo

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Mar. 26th, 2009


the blue jacket club

this is just a little post.
Yi Jung-ah was worried a little while ago whilst he was going through his emo period (congrats on finding the light by the by *claps* i'm doing another post later where i will properly dedicate a pancake to you.) anywho he was worried that woobin was wearing the blue jacket without him. i just have the news to report that  IVE JOINED THE  CLUB NOW ;P

this is Ji Hoo staving off the sadness of Jandi leaving me

Mar. 24th, 2009


horses, handkerchiefs and haircuts

Days without pancakes: 10 minutes
so i caved ok? big deal, the stress of the wedding and all thse angst and emo accusations agains the F4, i couldn't take it anymore. so i caved.

Of course~ it was so simple. "i object" and the world gets thrown into recession.
but Jandi's smiling now. and of course i'm happy. but as i stood there in my ridiculous riding getup that even though it looks completely stupid, i so OWN it, i wondered whether i had any regrets like the monkey did. i also wondered why i only had one line in that entire scene.
kinda reminds me of a marching band actually....
or one of the Beatles

and of course i had to give the necklace back. Monkey said she thought for a second i might keep it, but honestly it doesn't go with any of the outfits i have at home. so i returned it to Jandi.
i have to take a moment to give a shoutout to my grandpa. thank you grandpa for looking out for me. you were even thoughtful enough to imprison Jandi in our house so i could sort out my feelings for her. and even more than that. i think i have found my true calling in life. if music ever falls through for me, i will be....A PROFESSIONAL HAIRDRESSER.


and like any other person who has found their calling; i washed my precious little mini. just because i didn't get a fast car like the rest of the F4 doesn't mean i shouldn't take care of my vehicle. Jandi came out to help me as payment for doing her hair. i thought i'd let her slide this time and when i start up a shop i would start charging her real money. i think it helped, because that time with her actually helped me to gather up my courage to tell her i loved her. the only hitch was she was asleep. i know it didn't really matter if she heard me or not, she's happy now. and Jun Pyo has stopped threatening to do himself bodily harm, so i should be happy with just getting my feelings off my chest. right?

by the by Jun Pyo, you still owe me those pancakes you said you'd cook for me. and i would like you to return my glasses please.

Here to wipe the sweat and sadness of your tears from your face
And give you a beautiful meeting like a hankerchief

Ji Hoo

Mar. 22nd, 2009


(no subject)

days since last pancake: 26

trying to quit pancakes cold turkey is proving difficult. i'm trying to stop depending on them to solve all my problems, but it's just so damn difficult.
like right now, right at this very moment, as my best friend is in turmoil over his forced marriage, crazy enough to ask woobin to break his arm, as one of the only girl's i am willing to protect, the girl who has given me back my family stands there torn between her love for another man, my best friend, and her new friendship with the bride to be... all i can think of his how much i would like to forget all this with a simple batch of pancakes. so right now the atmosphere is a bit awkward....
but then there are some issues in my life that my godly emo pancakes simply won't fix, like the fact that i am the only one of the F4 without a car that roars. it was just darn silly when Yi Jung suggested we drive in procession to the wedding. oh yeah, lets remind everyone that when the F4 all went out to buy cars, Ji Hoo pulled the short straw and got stuck with the mini.
i have yet to tell my grandfather about my pancake obsession. the other day, when he made breakfast i almost cried. i couldn't possibly tell him that i have a strict pancake-for-breakfast diet. but then i realised that he didn't know about me and my pancakes, so i went back out and ate the man-faced breakfast.
but i digress. Jandi's problems are more important than my pancakes (although i have found reason to lump the two together in the past). As the F4 and Jandi's personal fire fighter, we have to find a way to make this right.

to quell my pancake needs here i introduce:

this is a pancake tortoise. it is named so for it's characteristic
flat pancake shape.
it has now become my mascot.
it probably needs a name....
Ji Hoo out.

Mar. 20th, 2009


Prince pancake anyone?

this journal is purely for entertainment purposes
if i post anything here it will be in conjunction with the RP or drama....
or if i find a really good pancake recipe